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Below you will find examples and key elements from past projects to help you visualize what our collaboration could bring to your company.

Track Quotes, Orders and Invoices

Customer orders status dashboard

  • Conversion from quote to order to invoice.

  • Visual order fulfilment status including:

    • Purchasing: "To order", "Ordered", "In stock".

    • Production: "Ready to proceed", "In production".

    • Delivery: "Ready for delivery", "Delivered".

    • Sales: "Deposit received", "Invoiced".

Updated in real-time from every department,

custom user access, email or text reports and alerts.

CIO1-Tadabase-Dashboard client orders-Tableau de bord commandes clients-1.png
CIO1-Tadabase-Supplier orders-Commandes fournisseurs-1.png
CIO1-Tadabase-Supplier orders-Commandes fournisseurs-1.png

Order from Suppliers

With real-time access to their inventory

Get a list of all items that need to be ordered from suppliers based on your own criterias.

In this example, our customer used the following criterias: 

  • If a deposit is required for this customer, it must have been received.

  • Order the quantity required to maintain minimum stock level.

We also used a custom API to access supplier inventories to allow our client to choose pro-actively reduce back-orders.​

Updated in real-time, custom user access allows to hide costs depending on user role.

Plan production

or work schedules, meetings, events and more. 

Our client wanted an easy way to schedule weekly production.  

  • Double-click to add a new item, choose from a list of items that are ready for production.

  • Color-coded tabs allow filtering based on production status.

  • Day, week and month views.

Updated in real-time from any department by users with custom access levels (view, add or modify).  Automatic email reports, text or email alerts in case of delays.

CIO1-Tadabase-Production schedule-Horaire de production-1.png
CIO1-Tadabase-Supplier orders-Commandes fournisseurs-1.png
CIO1-Tadabase-public consultation platform-plateforme de consultation citoyenne-1.png

Public consultation platform for cities and municipalities

Our platform has the following features:

  • Projects gallery

  • Fully customizable projects including contacts, document, pictures, text formatting, timeline and more.

  • Custom project categories.

  • Custom citizen surveys.

  • Get citizen suggestions with approval process and optional voting.

Custom user access, simple to use.

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